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Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/23/2019

Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/23/2019 1024 585 Guy Jackson

Your Wednesday Wall Climb

Hello again, It feels like just last Wednesday we were here…

The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb - Guardians Of The Galaxy 1 Esad Ribic 1-50 Variant

Guardians Of The Galaxy 1—Esad Ribic 1:50 Variant

I never really got into the Guardians of the Galaxy. I bought a couple of the issues in the 90s mainly because of the future Ghost Rider that was in them but that was about it. I recently reconnected with them in the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon and I was slightly disappointed when Nova was nowhere to be found in the Guardians movie. I picked this book because Donny Cates has been doing great things for Marvel so I can only hope he continues. I picked the 1:50 because it is one of the higher ratio variants that I can afford (my LCS was selling just under ratio). I don’t really expect this issue to take off since the print run is so large and nothing extraordinary has happened as of yet. Cates may have some tricks up his sleeve yet though so stay tuned.

Journey through the stars with The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Immortal hulk 12

I think this is probably one of the best Marvel titles out right now. This issue has the 1st App of The One Below All and a killer Ross cover. If you aren’t reading the Immortal Hulk you need to get on it.

Selling for roughly $14 shipped currently. If you want to flip this book quick you can but this new character may be a large part of the story going forward. I am holding on to a couple of mine.

Immortal Hulk

The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb - Blossoms 666 1 Robert Hack cover

Blossoms 666 1—Hack cover

This is a new title from Archie Comics and is part of their darker side. With the success of Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina I think this book may be a good one to hold on to. Who doesn’t want to read about a family fighting to rule over Hell? I picked the Robert Hack cover because it looks pretty sweet. It doesn’t hurt that its currently selling for around $20 shipped.

The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb - My little pony 74 cover b - sara richard

My Little Pony 74—Cover B Sara Richard

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…my kid is a Bronie (OK, fine, so am I). My Little Pony FIM is on my pull list, specifically the B cover because Sara Richard straight kills it on these.

Buy yourself a My Little Pony Trade Paper Back.

The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb - Crypt of shadows 1 John Tyler Christopher variant

Crypt of Shadows 1—John Tyler Christopher Variant

Marvels more horrific side coming out again? Sign me up…I liked all the covers for this title but my LCS didn’t have the Venom Variant so I grabbed the next best thing. I like the dogs dragging the poor soul into the unknown. Maybe this book heats up long term but I really picked it up to see what Marvel wants to do here.

Dare to delve into Crypt of Shadows.

The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb - Aquaman 44 b variant

Aquaman 44—Cover B Variant

This continues the new beginning in the aftermath of the Drowned Earth crossover. Another decent story from DC. This issue also boasts the 1st App of a new character Namma. I haven’t read this one yet but that will be remedied this evening.

What is the Drowned Earth?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1—Team Slayer Variant

This cover just stood out on the shelf. I am now looking for the TeamVamps cover. Might have to settle for grabbing one on Midtown since my LCS didn’t have it.

Get stuck on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Back Issue Beauties

The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb - All New All Different Marvel Point One 1

All New All Different Marvel Point One 1

With the “Death” of Daredevil some folks are speculating that Blindspot may take the mantle for a bit. This issue is his 1st appearance. My LCS had a 50% off sale on back issues so it was too cheap to pass up.

Who is Blindspot?

A bit about this section

The books discussed on our Wednesday Wall Climb are not intended to be a comprehensive list of what to buy / look for. Instead, these are books actually purchased on Wednesday. More importantly, the motivation behind buying the books. It is good to get a sense of why and not just what. Also, remember to look through the bins and back issues when ever you visit your Local Comic Store (LCS). Some of the Wednesday Wall Climb are not new releases, but still important books to buy. In some ways, even more important as they have had some time pass and the market gets a sense of a book. Stars are always being born and collapsing.

You will likely not be able to find every book you want in a week and you need to be okay with that. Take some time and think about what you are going after and try to target those books you like. Not every book pays off in value, and if you just buy everything without giving your own thought, you will quickly run out of money and be stuck with numerous books you are not interested in. And if you are broke, you at least want stuff you like to ease your pain. Just kidding. Be smart and buy wisely!

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