Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/16/2019

Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/16/2019 1024 585 Guy Jackson

Your Wednesday Wall Climb

I look forward to Wednesday…the moment I leave the shop Wednesday. I am fortunate in that my LCS is a five minute drive from work and I have the ability to take an early lunch to get there the moment they unlock the doors. After conversations with the owner, employees and regulars its down to business and these are the titles that I walked out with and why.

The Long Boxers - Conan 1 Mark Brooks Variant

Conan 2 1:50 Mark Brooks Variant

I am ashamed to say that I do not read Conan. I loved the Conan the Barbarian movies (first more than the second) but have never gotten in to the comics. I may have to start picking them up to see how they integrate Conan into the Marvel universe. I grabbed this one because of the awesome Mark Brooks cover and a price tag under ratio. This book is doing well so far, selling for $70-80 shipped.

Catch up on your Conan the Barbarian.

The Long Boxers - Middlewest3

Middlewest 3

I am a Skottie Young fan (barring the baby variants) and I am really enjoying this story so far. I’m a sucker for a good fantasy quest with a main character having mysterious powers. It reminds me of Stephen King‘s The Talisman and if you haven’t read that you should.

The Talisman

The Long Boxers - Spawn Kills Everyone Too 2

Spawn Kills Everyone Too #2

Spider-Man is my personal favorite but Spawn is my number 2. I am also a fan of blood and guts so a baby spawn killing everyone again had to be bloodier than the first right? Well, not so much. The first issue was pretty slow with a lot of random fart jokes and issue two, while actually starting to kill folks, still has very little actual blood and guts. At least my son gets a kick out of them. I also bought the blank cover variants so I can get some of my favorite artists to draw up some cool spawn renditions on them.

Get your Spawn on.

The Long Boxers - Catwoman 7 Ben Oliver Variant

Catwoman 7 Ben Oliver Variant

What can I say? I have bought every issue of Catwoman‘s new series so far but haven’t read a single one yet. Terrible, I know, but Stanley Artgerm was doing a fantastic job on the B covers for this book so I had to grab them. Ben Oliver has taken over the B cover this week and it is on point. Take into account that shops probably under ordered since Oliver’s fanbase is probably smaller than Artgerm’s. This has helped this book sell online at about $13-18 shipped.

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The Long Boxers - Wonder woman 62 Matteo Scalera Variant

Wonder woman 62 Matteo Scalera Variant

Jenny Frison was killing it on her Wonder Woman covers. Matteo Scalera has taken over B cover duty and while I didn’t especially like this cover I took a gamble on it for the same reason I bought HQ 57 and CW 7 the B cover artist change has helped this book and it is selling for $10-15 shipped. Can it stay that way for long? We will have to see.

Read some Wonder Woman stories.

The Long Boxers - Amazing Spider-Man 13

Amazing Spider-Man 13

I am first and foremost an Amazing Spider-Man fan. ASM is on my pull list but I must say, it is no Immortal Hulk and nothing much is happening in this volume. The introduction of the Thieves Guild and a mystery villain aside, I hope it picks up here soon.

Read some Amazing Spider-man stories.

The Long Boxers - My Little Pony Knigtmare Knights 4

My Little Pony Knigtmare Knights 4

I am a Bronie, didn’t know what that was until a few years ago but I am one. I buy this title for my son (who is also a Bronie) and we read it before bed. It is a story about a group of former villians that have to stop a new enemy from a parallel dimension before they destroy everything. Still a fun read and my son looks forward to them every month.

Prance with My Little Pony stories – not just fun for kids!

The Long Boxers - Sonic the Hedgehog 12

Sonic the Hedgehog 12

Sonic the Hedgehog is yet another title that I read to my boy before bed, are these comics for me or him :). Dr. Eggman has lost his memory and become a good guy…until this issue. What!?! The series has been fun so far an they have been introducing new characters here and there. Worth a read if you like Sonic.

More than the game: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Back Issue Beauties

The Long Boxers - Amazing Spider-Man 4

Amazing Spider-Man 4

My LCS was having a 50% off back issue sale so grabbed  a couple copies of this. Apparently there has been some controversy surrounding this issue due to its perceived anti-Mormon statement. I didn’t notice until I read about it. Either way the book is seeing sales of $10 -15 shipped because of it. These usually don’t last long though.

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The Long Boxers - Amazing Spider-Man 8

Amazing Spider-Man 8

I grabbed a couple of these during the sale as well. This book contains the 1st appearance of Odessa Drake leader of the Thieves Guild. We will see if she becomes a featured villain in the future.

Read some Amazing Spider-man stories.

The Long Boxers - Moon Knight 21

Moon Knight 21

$2 for some Bill Sienkiewicz Moon Knight goodness on a black cover. I’ll buy these everyday for that price.

Explore the fantastic world of Moon Knight.

A bit about this section

The books discussed on our Wednesday Wall Climb are not intended to be a comprehensive list of what to buy / look for. Instead, these are books actually purchased on Wednesday. More importantly, the motivation behind buying the books. It is good to get a sense of why and not just what. Also, remember to look through the bins and back issues when ever you visit your Local Comic Store (LCS). Some of the Wednesday Wall Climb are not new releases, but still important books to buy. In some ways, even more important as they have had some time pass and the market gets a sense of a book. Stars are always being born and collapsing.

You will likely not be able to find every book you want in a week and you need to be okay with that. Take some time and think about what you are going after and try to target those books you like. Not every book pays off in value, and if you just buy everything without giving your own thought, you will quickly run out of money and be stuck with numerous books you are not interested in. And if you are broke, you at least want stuff you like to ease your pain. Just kidding. Be smart and buy wisely!

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