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The Long Boxers - Wednesday Wall Climb Hero - 2019-1-23
Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/23/2019
Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/23/2019 1024 585 Guy Jackson

Your Wednesday Wall Climb Hello again, It feels like just last Wednesday we were here… Guardians Of The Galaxy 1—Esad Ribic 1:50 Variant I never really got into the Guardians of the Galaxy. I bought a couple of the issues in the 90s mainly because of the future Ghost Rider that was in them but…

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The LongBoxers - Blog Hero - Elsa Bloodstone
Marvel Comics Elsa Bloodstone – Bloodstone Issue 1
Marvel Comics Elsa Bloodstone – Bloodstone Issue 1 1024 585 Craig Coffman

Elsa Bloodstone is a lovely, and deadly, monster hunter. Bloodstone #1 a modern book which might be worth locating. While I am pretty skeptical about modern books holding much value, this book has many things going for it. Despite the obvious visual connection to the Tomb Raider franchise, Elsa Bloodstone has shed that skin and…

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