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Angela: The Next Big Character for Marvel?

Angela: The Next Big Character for Marvel? 1024 585 Craig Coffman

Angela has ties to GotG and Thor, making her an interesting addition to the MCU.

I have thought Angela has potential to be the next big character for Marvel. Admittedly I am not the first to think of this, so not calling #first or anything. I just got around to doing something about it for others to hopefully read. She has been a fan favorite and even survived moving from a different publisher (Image Comics). On top of that, she is a natural fit for where they are looking to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the GotG3. Let us dig in a little deeper.

NOTE: Before we dive in, I need to let you all know that I am invested, as they say, on all these books. Please keep that in mind.

How Angela connects to the upcoming MCU

We know the Eternals are coming. They have definitely not been quiet about that. That opens up the door for Angela to step through. Lately we have seen her appear in various teams through Marvel’s print media. Notable is that she has been revealed as Thor’s sister and works with the Guardians of the Galaxy, or Asguardians of the Galaxy. Given that as a jump point, I will outline a few books for her and some lesser talked about books to keep on the hunt for related to the Angela spec.

Here is the rabbit hole i have been in. I think Asgardians of the Galaxy is up for GotG 3. That puts that mini series in play, especially the first issue and the variants. Following that out, I believe this is when Angela makes it to the screen. Spawn 9 newsstand is the winner there. Similarly, Age of Ultron 10 and the sought after Joe Quesada Angela Variant Sketch 1:100 is her first intro in the MU. Definitely worth getting. The expected run on the 1:100 sketch variant is 1,100 copies. But, there are a few other low-key books to look for.

TLB - Age of Ultron 10 Joe Quesada Angela Sketch Variant 1:100
TLB - Original Sin Variant 5.1

Angela has a brother: Original Sin 5.1

Original Sin 5.1: Thor and Loki Tenth Realm. Why? You get Angela reveal as Thor’s sister. Maybe all 5 in the series are worth it, but definitely 5.1 and _maybe_ 5.2. Variant for 5.1. As well, you have another good book in Guardians of the Galaxy #5 (2013) where Angela joins the GotG team. Soooooo many variants, but I would stay away from the store branded and stick with official covers/variants. Angela Queen of Hel #6 gives us the first time she battles Jane Foster ( as Thor). Might be of interest as well….

Take a Journey Into Mystery

Going down that line has me thinking of Journey into Mystery 118. That is the 1st app of Destroyer. We have seen this armor in one of the Thor movies, but it was intended to battle….Celestials! What movie is coming? Eternals. Who do they have conflict with? Yup, Celestials. Plus, the original prison in GotG 1 where we meet Rocket and Groot was inside an ancient Celestial head. I would look at affordable copies of JiM 118.

TLB - Journey into Mystery 118

The Eternals are coming…or maybe they have always been here?

Lastly, Eternals 2 is a book I would be targeting. I know that you probably are, but where there are Eternals there will be Celestials IMHO. I do not think that the market is looking at Eternals #2 and #3 quiet as intently as #1. Might still be buying chances there for all three books.

Sorry if this is old news to you all, but I think there is some interest there. Maybe good to get in now while _some_ of those books are still low cost spec plays, but have importance to Angela.

Angela’s Silk Wrap Up

What this means is that there are still some books of interest out there. Many of them are already known about, but some of them are still not seeing higher prices. Spawn 9, the only definite buy IMHO for Angela, is not hard to find. I would not suggest buying the 9.8 unless it is super cheap. A deluge of them are out there. Newsstand copies are a different matter, and absolutely worth buying raw or graded. Eternals 2 is creeping but not exploding. There is still time. Same with Journey into Mystery 118. Previous Thor movies gave it some lift, but I think there might be a renewed interest once the Eternals drop.

TLB - The Eternals 2

Being transparent, I have missed on things as well, Most of the books discussed I do own copies of. I do not want to present myself as omnipotent. However, I do want to issue one final idea for all the readers which I think is important to keep rattling around your skull. There is nothing wrong with missing the boat. We all do. My best suggestion / advice is do not chase. Once news breaks and prices start going crazy, let it go.

Looking for more tips and thoughts on comic book speculating and investing? Why not start here!

Good luck digging and happy hunting!

Information current as of 01/17/2020

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