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Early 2019 Hot Comics Round-up: Die, Naomi, Niobe, and Bitter Root

Early 2019 Hot Comics Round-up: Die, Naomi, Niobe, and Bitter Root 1024 585 Craig Coffman

The Year is not even one third done and there are already many titles to explore.

Seems like all my potential articles have been jumped by recent news on hot comics Bitter Root, Naomi, Niobe, and Die. Instead of giving full insights, I will just summarize my feelings on a few books here. You already know the hype and have seen the prices searing people’s wallets, but are these new hot titles a long burn or a quick flash? Especially when we just got news Y the Last Man is shelved and Swamp Thing just biodegraded. What about these young bucks?

NOTE: Before we dive in, I need to let you all know that I am invested, as they say, on all these books. Please keep that in mind.

Bitter Root

Let’s get things started with Bitter Root. I think this is a super interesting title. The art is engaging and the setting is not common. I am a fan of an African-American centric universe in the 1920s Harlem. The blend of the super-natural, political, cultural and surreal is lovely. This book has legs, but I am a bit worried about 4 covers per issue. I do not think that they are incentive based, but it does make a bit of a conundrum for buyers. Personally, I have one of each and then multiple of the cover(s) I like.

Further, with the series already optioned there is a fan to the flames. This series is written with an easy path to television serialization. Given the right cast and a decent, not crazy, budget they could have a really big hit on their hands. I was in on the series a few weeks before that news broke, and now I have been doubling down. Issue 1 is the obvious one to get, and I would try to add Cover As for the first 5 issues. They are visually linked and Cover As in general do well. Perhaps consider a cheap (if you find it) graded copy, but I think raw is still the way to go. Also know there is a virgin variant of issue 1.

The Long Boxers - Bitter Root #1 Virgin Variant
The Long Boxers - Naomi #1


This book has some serious potential, but it is such a hot comic I think I will be taking some ‘win’ at the moment. With Naomi, I got lucky and bought in early. I liked the news I was reading from Brian Michael Bendis, and grabbed a copy. After reading it, I was intrigued with the story and where it might be going. At that point, I bought up all the copies of issue 1 I could find and pounced on issue 2.

The storytelling is nice and I am into the premise of the book. Not being sure where it is headed, there is always the possibility it takes a nose-dive and everything falls apart. I am not worried about that at the moment, but it does worth keeping in mind. The crazy thing is the price at the moment. My concern is modern spec is out of control with anything even tinged with the stench of money. People are throwing some serious coin at books with less than five issues behind them. That is scary.

Check Yourself

Most books do not hold value. We see this every single year. Something is hot for a moment. Then it cools rapidly. I believe this is 100% speculator driven, but that is another discussion. I urge you to take a beat and review _why_ you want to find a book. Do not just read and react. Including my own work. Do your homework and pay for what you believe in. Then, if you are wrong, you at least have books you have an interest in.

With Naomi, issue 1 is the one to have. The others you are paying up for low print run, and not necessarily for content. Issue 4 just dropped and I have not read that yet, but this is supposed to be a mini series (which I did not know). There will be another ‘key’ to buy, but be wary. At the point that book comes out, everyone will have reacted and the print run will be much, much higher and everyone is ready for it. That will cap upside and likely create artificial interest. The book to get is issue 1 if you believe. At this point, I would not buy more than a copy at current prices barring an exceptional deal.

A New Hot Comic from Image – Die

I really like the idea behind this Image’s book Die, and hitting a fifth print by the time issue 5 releases is impressive. While I am in on this book, I have to admit I feel unsure about it. The premise is solid and I can see it growing and turning into something big and important. As curious as I am with this title, I can also see this as a flavor of the month.

My suggestion is to buy it if you like it, but go in with caution at this juncture. However, if you do go in on this book it seems like first printings of 1-3 are very HTF. Do not overlook 2 and 3. While I am not certain which printings are ‘hot’ at the moment, there is movement on second and beyond printings.

The Long Boxers - Die #1

Niobe and the World of Asunda

Lastly, this sneaky little gem of a hot comic to search out. Niobe admitedly snuck up on me because I was too stubborn. I was so turned off because I just heard the pump and dump crowd banging the drum on this small press book and character. Then I heard HBO is interested, and I was curious what they saw. After reading their plans (think the next Game of Thrones series), I dug deeper. What I found turned me around.

Most of their work was spawn through Kickstarter events. While that is not uncommon for small presses just starting out, what shocked me was the fan backing. They seemed to far exceed their goals. From that, I took the market base is grass roots and not a marketing manufactured group. That is promising. Although I am late to the game, I did buy copies of Untamed a Sinner’s Prayer #1 at market. I did not get them cheap, but that book is Niobe’s first appearance and should be the lowest print of all their books.

More Than Just a New Character, It Brings a Whole World

Further, in Untamed a Sinner’s Prayer #1 Stranger Comics also presents us with the world they are looking to create, Asunda. At least as far as I can tell. You get a lot of bang for the buck, even though it takes quite a few bucks. This is not one I would suggest people going in on unless you are feeling risky. I like that they bought the universe and not just a title. That tells me they have plans to create more of a world than a one off event.

The Long Boxers - The Untamed #1 1:10 Variant

I suppose I am happy that many of these comic books got hot. I had intended to discuss before any news actually panned out. Perhaps confirming my analysis as correct, or I have just been lucky. If you have an interest in some of how I approach speculating and investing, you may want to read my four part series giving overviews of how I evaluate comics.

Being transparent, I have missed on things as well, Immortal Hulk as a big one. I do not want to present myself as omnipotent. I do want to issue one final idea for all the readers which I think is important to keep rattling around your skull. There is nothing wrong with missing the boat. We all do. My best suggestion / advice is do not chase. Once news breaks and prices start going crazy, let it go.

Good luck digging and happy hunting!


Information current as of 04/19/2019

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