Comic Books and Craig Coffman

I started reading and enjoying comic books when I was five and my friend showed me his brother’s Justice League, Iron Man, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Ghost Rider issues. We definitely knew we were not supposed to be touching his brother’s stuff. Perhaps that is why I love them?

Stemming from there, a fascination grew with characters inside the boxes. I love the Mego super hero action figures, cheesy television shows, and comic books consuming everything I could get my young hands on.

Comics Grow Up, Too

Several years later, I reassessed my one time fascination with comic books and see the value in these childhood treasures. Kid books previously scoffed at are now being valued and regarded as key aspects of Americana. A true art fom started and grown in our culture. As one time readers grow, nostalgia sets in and the desire to re-capture youth stirs.

Currently, these are transitioning from childhood flights of fancy into solid retirement and collectable pieces. Comics are finally being revered for the art they have always been.

Comic Books in Your Financial Future

Firstly, I need to state that there are no certainties in life. That definitely holds true for comic books. This space is fickle and a book will gain or lose value so rapidly your head could spin. Typically I look for books that have a slower burn. I would encourage you to read more about the risks of comic book investing.

Obviously other smarter people have some of these same titles listed. I do not have a monopoly. That said, having spent several years researching, exploring, and uncovering some hidden gems I am looking to share my findings with you. Hopefully something therein is useful to you and your endeavors.

Thank you for reading!

The Long Boxers