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Wednesday Wall Climb – 4/10/2019

Wednesday Wall Climb – 4/10/2019 1024 585 Guy Jackson

Your Wednesday Wall Climb

Work has got me busy!! Missed a couple weeks here, but I’m back. Lets see what this week has in store.

The Long Boxers - Detective Comics 1001

Detective Comics #1001 Regular Cover

I like Batman but must confess that I only read his titles occasionally. I should probably fix that. This issue is the first appearance of the Arkham Knight and a cover appearance as well. I picked up a couple of copies just in case he sticks around.

Get some Golden Age Detective Comics.

The Long Boxers - Scooby Apocalypse 36 A

Scooby Apocalypse #36 Regular Cover

Unfortunately for me (and others maybe) this is the last issue. I have really enjoyed this series and recommend it to anyone who wants to see a different side of scooby and the gang. The story gets pretty intense around issue 25. I will miss this one but I bought a couple of these last issues as sometimes final issues are overlooked.

Start reading about the Scooby Apocalypse!

The Long Boxers - Oblivion Song 14

Oblivion Song #14

One of my new favorites, it is gaining steam now and since the introduction of the sentient beings from oblivion it looks like it is poised to step it up. If you are looking for some fun digging try to get issue 1 with the pink signature and issue 4 with the alien frog in the bottom right corner.

The Long Boxers - Amazing Spider-Man 19

Amazing Spider-Man #19

ASM is a pull book for me and as I have stated before this current run has me been a little meh. The hunted storyline has started to change my view of the run. We will have to see how this shakes out and when, if ever, they are going to bring the mystery villain to the forefront.

Fill your head with webs! Amazing Spider-Man

The Long Boxers - Immortal Hulk 2 4th Print

Immortal Hulk #2 4th Printing

Pretty great cover even if it is only interior art re-used. I have been buying all the later printings of issue 2. If you are not following this it is the 1st appearance of Dr. Frye and the 1st and 2nd printings are on fire right now.

Read up on Immortal Hulk.

The Long Boxers - Faithless 1

Faithless #1 Lee Bermejo Cover

I was told by Brian Springman at FACTS that this will have Brian Azzarello writing and since this particular cover is Lee Bermejo you have the creative team behind Batman Damned. While Batman Damned gained so much attention because of the 1st app contained within it was still a good read. I decided to pick this up mainly because the cover looks great but I am curious how the story will unfold. Take note, there is an X rated C cover that seems to be heating up currently.

Back Issue Beauties

Just getting back into the swing of things. I will have to find some back issues for you folks next week!

A bit about this section

The Wednesday Wall Climb books are not intended to be a comprehensive list of what to buy / look for. Instead, these are books actually purchased on Wednesday. More importantly, the motivation behind buying the books. It is good to get a sense of why and not just what. Also, remember to look through the bins and back issues when ever you visit your Local Comic Store (LCS). Some of the Wednesday Wall Climb are not new releases, but still important books to buy. In some ways, even more important as they have had some time pass and the market gets a sense of a book. Stars are always being born and collapsing.

You will likely not be able to find every book you want in a week and you need to be okay with that. Take some time and think about what you are going after and try to target those books you like. Not every book pays off in value, and if you just buy everything without giving your own thought, you will quickly run out of money and be stuck with numerous books you are not interested in. And if you are broke, you at least want stuff you like to ease your pain. Just kidding. Be smart and buy wisely!

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