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Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/9/2019

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Your Wednesday Wall Climb

Let’s face it, Wednesdays are great days. New funny books hit the wall and dreams get created and extended. New favorites bubble up and classics (hopefully) keep chugging along. Here is a list of books purchased 1/9/2019.

The Long Boxers - Young Justice 1

Young Justice #1 Putri Variant

Young Justice 1 has the first appearance of Teen Lantern and the 2nd appearance of Ginny Hex. Ginny Hex’s 1st appearance was Batman #4 Walmart 100 page giant. I chose the Yasmine Putri Variant because it is (IMO) one of the better covers for the book and even though it is not a first cover appearance since there are three (out of eight) covers that have her on it. The only cover that might be better is the Superboy Jimenez variant but another customer that I see there often seemed really bummed about it missing it so I gave them mine.

Look for Young Justice TPBs to read more!

The Long Boxers - Harley Quinn 57

Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant

This book was being talked about for a couple weeks. Cho typically has been doing the virgin variants for this book so the change may have brought the heat that this book is seeing. A first appearance of a new character in Harley Quinn’s story probably hasn’t hurt this book either.

Look for Harley Quinn TPBs to read more!

The Long Boxers - Green Arrow 48 - Adams

Green Arrow #48 Adams Variant

I saw this was sold out at midtown and I usually don’t base my purchases off of that but in person this Neal Adams cover looks great, just had to grab one. This one is going into the PC and maybe up on the display wall.

Look for Green Arrow TPBs to read more!

The Long Boxers - Murder Falcon 4 - Cover B

Murder Falcon #4 Pantera Homage Variant

What can I say? I love Pantera and Murder Falcon has been a great read so far.

Curious about Pantera’s music?

The Long Boxers - Bully Wars 5

Bully Wars #5

My son was really into Skottie Young‘s I Hate Fairyland so I pick this up for him to read to him before bed. He likes fine but I am not into this one so far.

Grab a TPB for I Hate Fairyland!

The Long Boxers - Winter Soldier 2

Winter Soldier #2

1st appearance of RJ (contested or not) has this book seeing $14-$20 shipped. I think that makes it worth picking up.

Read more about the Winter Soldier.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.3  #9-15

Saw these in a bundle at my LCS and picked them up because in the Spider-Verse there are a lot of firsts here:

Issue #9 (pictured) – 2nd app of Spider-Gwen (undervalued)

While this seems trivial it might become important as more news of the Spider-Women movie comes out. Currently it looks like the masses have chosen Spider-Women Alpha as the go-to book and not ASM #9. The significance is the potential movie title and all three potential main characters on the cover of Spider-Women Alpha. It is also the first time they work as a team to take down a villain. While there is some debate as to which ladies are in which books, let me clear that up. Earth-616 Silk, Spider-Woman and Earth-65 Spider-Gwen team up to battle evil Earth-65 Cindy Moon and Jessica Drew in Spider-Women Alpha.

  • 1st cameo of Solus (father of the inheritors)

Issue #10 – Marks a 1st App of Spider-Punk

#11 – Delivers the 1st App of Solus

#12 – Presents the 1st time Leopardon (a robot piloted by Spider-Man) appears in comics

#14 – Unveils the 1st cameo of Web-Slinger (Old West version of Spider-Man)

Do not want to hunt down all the issues? Try the Trade Paperback! Or read up on Silk and Spider-Woman.

A bit about this section

These books on the Wednesday Wall Climb are not intended to be a comprehensive list of what to buy / look for. Instead, these are books actually purchased on Wednesday. More importantly, the motivation behind buying the books. It is good to get a sense of why and not just what. Also, remember to look through the bins and back issues when ever you visit your Local Comic Store (LCS). Some of the Wednesday Wall Climb are not new releases, but still important books to buy. In some ways, even more important as they have had some time pass and the market gets a sense of a book. Stars are always being born and collapsing.

You will likely not be able to find every book you want in a week and you need to be okay with that. Take some time and think about what you are going after and try to target those books you like. Not every book pays off in value, and if you just buy everything without giving your own thought, you will quickly run out of money and be stuck with numerous books you are not interested in. And if you are broke, you at least want stuff you like to ease your pain. Just kidding. Be smart and buy wisely!

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