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Marvel Comics Elsa Bloodstone – Bloodstone Issue 1

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Elsa Bloodstone is a lovely, and deadly, monster hunter.

Bloodstone #1 a modern book which might be worth locating. While I am pretty skeptical about modern books holding much value, this book has many things going for it. Despite the obvious visual connection to the Tomb Raider franchise, Elsa Bloodstone has shed that skin and transformed into a lovely, and deadly, monster hunter. That is where the interest in her character lies.

NOTE:  Before reading more, I need to acknowledge that both of these cases are based off of hypotheticals values and not factual numbers. It should be obvious why as you read, but I wanted to make sure you understand ahead of time.

Bloodstone Vol 1 Issue 1

Elsa Bloodstone, an Introduction

Elsa is basically the replacement to her father, Ulysses Bloodstone. Her father’s artifact, the Bloodstone, was fragmented and she wears it on a neckless which is said to be the base of her powers. Her high-level layout is similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not exactly a lift. Superhuman strength, speed, durability, endurance and a regenerative healing prowess.

Oh yeah, she also cannot be turned by Vampires and her blood is, in fact, deadly to them. Not too bad for a monster hunter. Though when it comes down to the dirty business she is in, her main go to are guns of various natures. I frankly wish she would use powers more, but given her main foes it sort of suits the genre.

Introducing the Guest of Honor

Exposing the Underbelly

Elsa Bloodstone roles with an elaborate posse of Monsters and their hunters. Which is interesting. Enlisting the aid of the things she battles. She has paired up with the Legion of Monster to battle common foes. Elsa has lead the charge against Zombies. She has even paired up with a young hero, Kid Kaiju) to tackle the biggest monsters in the Marvel Universe. Phew!

Beyond that, she is a bas-ass not needing to rely on anyone’s help. Strong female leads are in demand and this might be a very popular choice with the potential future of the MCU. They have to do something beyond the capes and cowls. In my mind, the direction is monsters. And probably big monsters.

Bringing Elsa to the Big Screen

CG is so amazing these days, it would be no problem to give some of Marvel’s big boys the proper screen treatment they deserve. And when they do, not if IMHO, it would be stunning if Elsa is not leading the charge against them. But she would not be alone. More on who will likely be her cohort in another post.

This book is also a lower print run title and, while not impossible, not all too easy to find in the wilds. Add on a low 9.8 census and you see a book that is not plentiful and then harder to land the 9.8. Two very compelling reasons to get a copy. But there are other books to look for.

Dig Elsa as a Zombie Hunter

She has a great cover from the Marvel Zombies (2015) #1 1:25 Variant. While I am not typically a proponent of variants, this one might be worth tracking down as it is a great cover of her. Also, it is a Greg Land cover. If you know anything about the current craze on Spider-Gwen and her first appearance, you know that is also a cover by Land. Not saying these are the same, but his covers are a thing for people.

Elsa Bloodstone Zombie Hunter
Elsa Bloodstone Monster Hunter

Let us not forget she is also tied to the superhero realm. She has ties to the Fearless Defenders and the Astonishing Avengers. She also has ties to Tony Stark and appeared in the Initiative, Marvel NOW!, Avengers Undercover, Axis and Civil War II events. And if you play video games you might have encountered her there. She is definitely not relegated to the shadows, and that is important to her spec. She could serve as a nexus point for connecting different ‘realms’ of the MCU as time moves on. You want to find characters with numerous touch points when looking for someone / something to speculate on. Elsa definitely comes prepared.

Motivational Chant

Everyone knows the talk about females in the Marvel Universe so I will not belabor that idea. So, check. Interesting character with ties to many potential future avenues. Check. Low print run book. Check. Despite being a modern, hard to get in 9.8. Check.

I am not sure what else you could want in a spec. Fairly valued raw copies of a character with numerous connections to current characters as well as future directions. As it stands, I would try to locate raw copies in high grade below $12-15. You might unearth some at a LCS. For graded, I would consider 9.6 around $90, but ideally a 9.8 around $200. At the moment, there seems to be some heat around her so the book is high. That ought to pass, unless news breaks, for now. Always float an offer to the seller even if they do not have OBO

This information is presented as of 12/6/2018.

Elsa Bloodstone Marvel Zombies 1 Land Variant

REMEMBER: Check for the Marvel Zombie 1 Variant. That one might have some legs if things develop the way I think they might.

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