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Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/30/2019

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Your Wednesday Wall Climb

Another Wednesday, another stack of books. I couldn’t make it to my LCS this week so Maria (my wife, The Supreme Allied Commander) was kind enough to stop by and pick up this weeks awesomeness.

The Long Boxers - Batgirl #31 Cover B Artgerm Variant

Batgirl #31 Cover B—Artgerm Variant

I just had to have this super cool Stanley Artgerm cover. What can I say? It looks even better in person.

Dig in to the history of  Batgirl.

The Long Boxers - Flash #63 Cover B Howard Chaykin Variant

Flash #63 Cover B—Howard Chaykin Variant

This cover is great and Howard Chaykin gave it a throwback vibe to it with some of the Flash’s Rogues. Add that to the fact the Flash story keeps delving deeper into the new force elements and you cant go wrong.

Flashback with The Flash

The Long Boxers - Teen Titans Vol 6 Annual 1

Teen Titans Annual 1

This one has the first comic book appearance of Joystick, a character introduced in the TV Series Teen Titans Go! The cover is not too shabby either. I think this one flew under the radar as far as ordering numbers go but we will have to wait to see.

The Long and Storied History of The Teen Titans.

The Long Boxers - Wonder Woman #63 Cover B Kamome Shirahama Variant

Wonder Woman #63 Cover B—Kamome Shirahama Variant

Another book a grabbed just for the cover by Kamome Shirahama, it looks great and while the white cover will make it hard to get a NM copy I hope the couple I bought will pull one. The dynamics of this cover are just striking.

So much to know about  Wonder Woman .

The Long Boxers - Spawn #293 Cover C Francesco Mattina & Todd McFarlane Black & White Variant

Spawn #293 Cover C—Francesco Mattina & Todd McFarlane Black & White Variant

Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn is my other favorite character (along with spidey) so I was pleasantly surprised to hear that there was a printing error in the Francesco Mattina B&W Variant. It gave me a reason to grab a couple extra.

You gotta start somewhere with Spawn.

The Long Boxers - Amazing Spider-Man #14

Amazing Spider-Man #14

Spidey’s my favorite and even though this run so far hasn’t been anything special I still have to get my fix.

Get caught in the tangled webs of The Amazing Spider-Man

The Long Boxers - Ms Marvel #37

Ms Marvel #37

I don’t typically collect Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) but there is a potentially significant revelation at the end of this book. Her brothers son Malik displays glowing eyes at the on the last panel. What does this mean for the story? Maybe they will expound on this new and interesting event. I went looking around and noticed that his (Malik’s) first app was in Ms. Marvel #29.

You need to read Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel!

Back Issue Beauties

Nothing this week!

We cannot always get lucky with digging. Let us know what you found!

A bit about this section

The books discussed on our Wednesday Wall Climb are not intended to be a comprehensive list of what to buy / look for. Instead, these are books actually purchased on Wednesday. More importantly, the motivation behind buying the books. It is good to get a sense of why and not just what. Also, remember to look through the bins and back issues when ever you visit your Local Comic Store (LCS). Some of the Wednesday Wall Climb are not new releases, but still important books to buy. In some ways, even more important as they have had some time pass and the market gets a sense of a book. Stars are always being born and collapsing.

You will likely not be able to find every book you want in a week and you need to be okay with that. Take some time and think about what you are going after and try to target those books you like. Not every book pays off in value, and if you just buy everything without giving your own thought, you will quickly run out of money and be stuck with numerous books you are not interested in. And if you are broke, you at least want stuff you like to ease your pain. Just kidding. Be smart and buy wisely!

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