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Vertigo Comics—Sandman Issue 7 by Neil Gaiman

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Quick post about Sandman 7

This quick post talks about Sandman Issue 7. I am a total fanboy for Sandman by Niel Gaiman. I loved it from issue 1 and have owned and sold multiple copies of each issue as well as collected versions of hard bound and TPBs. These books hit me at just the right time, my senior year of high school. Before that, I was really unaware of ‘horror’ comics. Stupid as that sounds now, in the late 80s comic knowledge we just take for granted was not as easily found.

The Sandman Dream

For me, they were a perfect series in both art and story. Especially Dave McKean’s otherworldly covers. It dawned on me that I should go for CGC books. I always remember them as better than they probably were. 9.8s seem to represent the perfect memory I have of them. Therefore, I decided to try and collect issues 1-10 in CGC 9.8. Starting four years back made it easier to buy some of the more expensive keys.

The Long Boxers - Sandman 7 CGC

Last week I managed to lock down a book I was missing, Sandman 7. Not a particularly exceptional issue in the run, Boasting no big appearances or massive arc events, in ways making it harder to find in a thin pool. This one was at a great price and absolutely the right grade. I welcome issue 7 to my collection. Very welcomed and super happy to have it. Not everything is about value. Sometimes it is about the pleasure of comics.

While this is not necessarily a post about a book you should buy, perhaps this one might give you some direction.

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