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The Long Boxers - Blog Hero - Wednesday Wall Climb 2019-1-9
Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/9/2019
Wednesday Wall Climb – 1/9/2019 1024 585 Guy Jackson

Your Wednesday Wall Climb Let’s face it, Wednesdays are great days. New funny books hit the wall and dreams get created and extended. New favorites bubble up and classics (hopefully) keep chugging along. Here is a list of books purchased 1/9/2019. Young Justice #1 Putri Variant Young Justice 1 has the first appearance of Teen…

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The LongBoxers - Blog Hero - Elsa Bloodstone
Marvel Comics Elsa Bloodstone – Bloodstone Issue 1
Marvel Comics Elsa Bloodstone – Bloodstone Issue 1 1024 585 Craig Coffman

Elsa Bloodstone is a lovely, and deadly, monster hunter. Bloodstone #1 a modern book which might be worth locating. While I am pretty skeptical about modern books holding much value, this book has many things going for it. Despite the obvious visual connection to the Tomb Raider franchise, Elsa Bloodstone has shed that skin and…

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Marvel Devil Dinosar Issue 1
Marvel Comics Devil Dinosaur Issue 1
Marvel Comics Devil Dinosaur Issue 1 1024 560 Craig Coffman

A little bit about Devil Dinosaur #1 and why you might want to pay attention to it. Built by Kirby Jack Kirby has created some of the more interesting, and strange, stories and characters in comics. His works from the Bronze Age of comics have been actively sought out by collectors and readers for the…

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